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 parallel trading of perfume
Parallel trade is the cross-border sale of goods within the EU by traders outside of the manufacturer’s distribution system, without the manufacturer’s consent. Parallel traders generate profits through buying goods in one EU Member State at a relatively low price and subsequently reselling them in another Member State where the price is higher.

 parallel imports / gray market - international trademark association
TOPIC. Parallel Imports / Gray Market. What Are Parallel Imports / Gray Market Goods? Parallel imports (or gray market goods) refer to branded goods that are imported into a market and sold there without the trademark owner’s consent in that market.

 parallel trading in high end cosmetics perfumes and hair ... - linkedin
Parallel trading in high end cosmetics perfumes and hair care. Kerastase, Moroccan Oil, Tigi, Matrix, Olaplex, Dior, Clinique, Armani, Gucci, It's a ten, American Crew, please contact us for...

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 grey market: what is it and what are the solutions for brand protection ...
Perfumes are easily impacted as most products are distributed worldwide, and parallel imports may be as high as 50% of all perfume sales such as in the case of Chanel perfumes (Burr 2008). Are grey market products fakes? In one word, no. Grey market products are legal products being sold in non-authorised distribution channels.

 parallel trade in pharmaceuticals - ipi
The Global Parallel Trade Outlook 2001-2006 (Reuters Business Insight 2001) Ganslandt, M./ Maskus, K. Parallel Imports of Pharmaceutical Products in the European Union, World Bank Research, July 1999. Gudmundsson, R. La justification économique des droits de propriété intellectuelle, PhD dissertation, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris 1998.

 what are aaa grade parallel imports? – auro group
We offers affordable designer perfumes. Our perfumes are AAA grade parallel imports that closely resemble the originals sold in general retail stores, but they cannot be compared to the originals themselves. While some small defects may be present, such as slight damage to the box or a slight color variant, most of our fragrances are 100% perfect.

 parallel trading by institutional investors
red to as parallel trading or parallel action.3 It should be noted that parallel trading refers to actions in the market, not to motivation. Parallel trading may occur by chance, through an unplanned similarity in responses to market developments, or by design. *Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania. The research on

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