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 ‘we are just earning a living’: parallel trading on the rise in hong ...
Parallel traders buy stock in Hong Kong and then resell it on the other side of the border at a profit to evade hefty mainland import and value-added taxes.

 parallel trading of cosmetic
Definition. In the EU context, parallel trade refers to the practice of importing genuine products from a low-price Member State and exporting them to a high-price Member State through channels other than those established by the manufacturer of the products, usually by independent parallel importers/exporters seeking arbitrage profits.

 parallel trading in hong kong - wikipedia
Parallel trading in Hong Kong is the phenomenon of Chinese parallel traders taking advantage of multiple entry visa policy to import goods from Hong Kong to mainland China, causing shortages of household goods in various locations starting in the North District and expanding to Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tai Po and Shatin.

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 what is parallel trade and how does it affect pharma? - informa connect
Parallel trade is the cross-border sale of goods within the EU by traders outside of the manufacturer’s distribution system, without the manufacturer’s consent. Parallel traders generate profits through buying goods in one EU Member State at a relatively low price and subsequently reselling them in another Member State where the price is higher.

 with covid travel bans lifted, hong kong-china ‘parallel import trade ...
HONG KONG — Long before the pandemic shut down Hong Kong’s vibrant retail sector, traders from China crossed the border to purchase everything from cosmetics to cars tax-free for profitable...

 parallel trade and the beauty industry - mishcon de reya llp
Parallel trade and the beauty industry. Karas So LLP's disputes and investigations practice focuses on high value, complex issues including those arising from corporate collapses, audit and other professional negligence, shareholder disputes and commercial fraud. Services. Dispute Resolution. Employment. Mishcon Future. Private. Real Estate.

 ‘10 days to sell just 1 box’: businesses on hong kong side of border ...
Parallel traders and bulk buyers more cautious now, saying customs checks have become super strict. Hong Kong economy. + FOLLOW. Meredith Chen. + FOLLOW. Published: 8:30pm, 21 Jan 2024. Why you...

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