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 parallel trade and the beauty industry - mishcon.com
Parallel imports (as defined in the consultation) are goods that are lawfully manufactured by a rights holder or under licence and are lawfully first placed on the market, and then moved across territorial borders. This is often in order to benefit from price differentials in different markets (alongside other contributing factors).

 parallel trading of cosmetic
parallel trading of cosmetic Parallel importing is an unauthorized import of non-counterfeit goods into a country. The goods are imported without the express permission of the intellectual property owner. Individuals refer to this as gray market goods, and most trades entail high-priced branded goods such as jewelry, cameras, tablets, and watches.

 time to act against chinese parallel import of foreign cosmetic ...
As recently as 2019, legislative changes in China have opened to foreign cosmetic brands a strong and reliable avenue to stop parallel import of their products into China, while allowing them to import their not yet FDA-approved products through designated e-commerce platforms.

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 parallel imports (parallel trade) - concurrences
Parallel imports (parallel trade) Institution Definition Trade in products which takes place outside the official distribution system set up by a particular firm. Through their own distribution system, firms may cause differences in prices for different countries, exploiting national differences in the behaviour of consumers.

 trading | cosmoprof hair & beauty products
Cosmoprof is growing strongly by its import and export of luxury brand goods through parallel channels. Paraleltrading we see as ' tool ' to our customers always get the best possible price and quality. Submitted by our ' a deal is a deal ' mentality, we are in a short time become a respected partner in this current, always engaging, market.

 parallel import - wikipedia
A parallel import is a non- counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Parallel imports are often referred to as grey product and are implicated in issues of international trade, and intellectual property. [1]

 what is parallel trading? knowledge base - a2bc duty free
Parallel trading is trading through distribution channels which, even though they are legal, are also unofficially, unauthorized or unintended by the manufacturer. By contrast, a black market is trade in goods or services that are illegal or distributed through illegal channels. Some examples of a black

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