We are NOT the ones with the highest turnover. We are Not the best. We are NOT the leaders.
We are working hard to achieve those targets!

We have been working in the import-export of selective perfumery and cosmetics since 2004; this does not exclude other merchandise sectors or individual deals we have handled over the years, but helps to define the “borders”.

Let't discuss “borders”. The word itself is already limiting, giving the impression that outside our normal field of operation we cannot do business, while instead we prefer to think that a casual fortunate and unexpected meeting can contribute to change the route of our small corsair ship!

We think of ourselves as a small corsair ship, aware of navigating in the Trading Seas where great traditional commercial powers sail, who at times treat with disdain nations of little prestige, less emblazoned loads or smaller harbours where the waters are too shallow for their fleets!

Small or unimportant customers or suppliers do not exist!

In our world trustworthy partners and “harbours” where we choose not to moor exist. Everyone is treated with equal care and dignity, because the quality which we principally desire to achieve recognition for is our professionality.

We are humble enough to recognise our limits, loyal enough to apologise for our mistakes and aware also that we never act without good faith. Our motto is “Doing Business Means Fair Business.”

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